About The Rod Glove

About The Rod Glove

The Rod Glove – Filling a Need in the Fishing Industry
The Rod Glove business was started in 2010 by avid bass angler Jim Van Ryn.

Jim identified a need in the marketplace for a product that would give anglers a way to protect and organize their fishing rods.
He knew that, to make this idea work, the product had to be simple and functional from a design perspective, and also fashionable and customizable from a color and pattern perspective.

We developed the Rod Glove to meet all of these needs.
The Rod Glove’s smart construction and design, multiple color options, high quality and competitive price point have been meeting our customers’ rod protection and organizational needs ever since.

From pros to leisure fishermen, the fishing industry loves The Rod Glove!
And, since the Rod Glove began, we have expanded our product line to include other great designs and products.

Form & Function

The Rod Glove epitomizes simple, straightforward functionality.

The “Tapered Tip” design and tough, high-quality material used in its construction mean that the Rod Glove is easy to use, and stands the test of time.

And, with a selection of 21 colors, not only can you personalize your Rod Glove to suit your tastes, but you can also color code to better organize your fishing rod collection.

The Rod Glove will protect the investment that you have made in your fishing rods, making them last longer and keeping them in good shape! The Rod Glove is great for:

  • Organizing Rod Lockers
  • Co-Anglers
  • Eliminating Tangles
  • Organizing Your Rods By Color

Our Customers Come First

We set out to create a product that would truly work hard for our customers, and we’ve extended that philosophy to our customer service practices.

Over the years, we've gained a reputation for work hard for our customers, and providing the highest quality service possible.

We pride ourselves in the fact that competitive pricing and great customer service are trademarks of the Rod Glove.